Robot arm spraying plasma

Atmospheric Plasma Spray

Plasma Spray Ceramic

The Zircotec plasma spray process is a derivative of the more general plasma-spray processing techniques. Zircotec’s own in-house plasma-spray technology and our associated procedures were first developed within the UK nuclear industry, when Zircotec formed part of the UK Atomic Energy Authority. These processes and procedures have been further developed and refined by Zircotec, resulting in the proprietary highly optimised plasma-spray process that we use today.

There are a large number of parameters that influence the interaction of the plasma-spray feedstock with the plasma jet and the substrate, and these parameters can result in very wide variations in the final product (e.g. feedstock type and composition, feed-rate, plasma gas composition and flow rate, energy input, torch geometry, nozzle design, nozzle offset distance and substrate cooling). The Zircotec process ensures that these parameters are tightly controlled within pre-defined set points, thereby providing control over the quality of the final product. By controlling these parameters we are able to control material properties to suit specific applications.

Optional Finishes

The Zircotec technical team prefers to work alongside our customers to specify the coating arrangement that’s most appropriate for the application.

All of our coatings are plasma applied. Our Primary Black coating was devised as a lower cost derivative of our exhaust coating technology, this ceramic coating retains all of the quality and durability for which Zircotec’s coatings are renowned. Balancing thermal performance with affordability, this ceramic coating will appeal to car and bike users who want the benefits of Zircotec’s plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings, but who might not need the ultra high levels of thermal barrier performance offered by some of our other offerings.

Our Performance White which based on our core ThermoHold® formulation is only available from Zircotec.  It is the mainstay of Zircotec’s offerings to motorsport, delivering the ultimate in thermal barrier performance.  It is also used across a broad range of other applications.

Our Performance Colours range holds similar levels of performance to our Performance WhiteTM exhaust coating, but with a surface finish that is robust and easily maintained. 

Metal Spraying Service

Zircotec uses its plasma-spray process to provide metal coatings over different substrates. These can be used to:

  • Replace material lost from a previously worn or corroded component.
  • Enhance aesthetics by providing a metal finish that is different to the underlying material thereby changing the appearance.
  • Provide a reflective coating that can help protect the underlying component from radiant heat, e.g. it is possible for Zircotec to provide a reflective aluminium or nickel surface.
  • Provide protection against corrosion, erosion and wear. As an example, it is possible for Zircotec to spray hard metal surfaces such as tungsten or molybdenum.