Downpipe Ceramic Coating

For the cars that have downpipes, car performance and reliability can improve significantly by Zircotec’s plasma-applied thermal barrier ceramic coatings.

Why insulate your Downpipes with Ceramic Coatings?


As downpipes are responsible for accelerating the exhaust flow process, it can in-turn help improve engine performance. Downpipes are very commonly used in high-performance or turbocharged engines, as they help reduce backpressure as well as improving exhaust flow. By applying Zircotec’s plasma-applied thermal barrier ceramic coatings onto your downpipes can help reduce the surface temperatures by up to 33%, reducing the amount of heat transferred to other components of the car. Insulating a downpipe can also help retain the exhaust gas temperature, which can further accelerates the exhaust flow process. For turbocharged engines, downpipes are usually installed in close proximity to the turbocharger which, clearly, gets extremely hot – by insulating it can help reduce heat transfer to the turbocharger which improves its performance and longevity.

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To summarise, our coating solutions offer:


  • Surface temperature reductions
  • Heat retention within downpipe – accelerates exhaust flow process
  • Reduced heat transfer to turbocharger, engine bay, etc.
  • Performance gains
  • Increase turbocharger longevity