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Exhaust Manifold Ceramic Coating

Exhaust manifolds can benefit greatly from our plasma-applied ceramic coating. By applying our exhaust ceramic coatings onto your exhaust manifolds/headers, it can improve car performance significantly.

Why insulate your Exhaust Manifolds with Ceramic Coating?


By insulating your exhaust manifolds with our plasma-applied ceramic coating, it can help reduce surface temperature of the coated manifolds by up to 33%. This can significantly reduce heat soak within the engine bay as well as help protect vulnerable components near the exhaust manifolds. Apart from the drastic surface temperature reduction, exhaust ceramic coating can also insulate airflow within the exhaust, through retaining the heat energy within the gas inside the manifolds, accelerating the process which can lead to performance gains.

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To summarise, our coating solutions offer:


  • Surface temperature reductions
  • Reduced heat soak into engine bay
  • Protection of vulnerable components
  • Heat retention within the exhaust manifolds
  • Performance gains