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Exhaust Silencer Ceramic Coating

Insulating the silencers/mufflers is an excellent way in managing heat of an exhaust system. By applying our ceramic coatings onto the silencer can improve engine efficiency and performance too!

Why insulate your Silencers with ceramic coatings?


Apart from sound reasons, silencers can also help improve car performance by increasing the flow of exhaust gases out of the engine. As hot exhaust gases passes through the silencer, this part of the car can get extremely hot. By applying ceramic coating onto a silencer, it helps insulate and retains the heat within the exhaust gases within the silencer, which, can help improve car performance as less heat energy is emitted by the system. It can also reduce surface temperature of the silencer, which can help protect neighbouring components of the car, as well as heat soak into driver and/or passenger compartments of the car.


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To summarise, our coating solutions offer:


  • Heat retention within the silencer
  • Surface temperature reduction
  • Reduce heat soak into other compartments
  • Performance gains
  • Protection of vulnerable components