Volcanic Black Tailpipes

Exhaust Tailpipes Ceramic Coating

Although a big part of the reason of ceramic coating your tailpipes is for aesthetics reasons, ceramic coating exhaust tailpipes can also improve car performance and sometimes even is an essential part when it comes to heat management.

Why insulate your Tailpipes with Ceramic Coatings?


Exhaust gases that exit through tailpipes can get extremely hot, where the nearby components can be at risk of damage or even fire. Aside aesthetics improvement for a better appearance of the vehicle, Zircotec’s ceramic coating can help reduce this by decreasing the degree of heat transfer to the body of the car. This is particularly important for super/hyper cars which are mid-engines, where there’s even less distance travelled by the exhaust gas through the system to the tailpipe (even hotter). Insulating a tailpipe can also increase exhaust velocity as heat energy is retained within the exhaust gas within the system. This can improve exhaust flow and reduce backpressure which in-turn increase engine performance and efficiency.

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To summarise, our coating solutions offer:


  • Surface temperature reductions
  • Protect car bodywork
  • Rapidly cools the exhaust when the engine is turned off
  • Retains heat within the exhaust – accelerate gas flow process + reduce backpressure
  • Improve engine performance and efficiency