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Heat Shield Ceramic Coating

The exhaust system of a motorbike can reach high temperatures, which is why OEMs often install heat shields alongside the headers. Although these shields are designed for heat management, they can still become very hot as they are typically made of steel or aluminium alloys.

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Why Insulate Your Heat Shield with Ceramic Coating?


Zircotec’s ceramic coatings are commonly used on the heat shields of motorbike exhausts to further enhance heat management. By ceramic coating the heat shield, it can help reduce the surface temperature, thereby minimizing the amount of heat radiated from the headers to the surrounding areas, including the riders and other sensitive bike components. This significantly improves riding comfort and protects nearby components from excessive heat transfer.

While insulating the heat shield may not directly contribute to retaining exhaust gas temperatures, it does indirectly impact them by managing heat transfer around the headers. Reducing overall heat dissipation from the headers helps retain higher exhaust gas temperatures, which in turn improves exhaust gas flow. In addition to performance improvements, ceramic coating the heat shield can prevent discoloration caused by heat and protect against rust corrosion, preserving its appearance.

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To summarise, our coating solutions can offer:


  • Surface temperature reductions
  • Reduced heat transfer to the rider and neighboring components
  • Indirectly improve heat retention within the exhaust system
  • Protection against rust corrosion
  • Aesthetics improvement
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