ZircoFlex FOIL

Revolutionary Ceramic Heat Shield offering up to 85% heat reduction. Available in varying thicknesses and pre-cut sheets.

Revolutionary Ceramic Heat Shield

With options offering up to 85% heat reduction, a range of sizes and thicknesses, plus convenient adhesive backed versions – ZircoFlex is an effective and simple way to manage heat.


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Offering superb thermal barrier performance at minimal weight and thickness.

The ZircoFlex ceramic material is produced as thin aluminium backed foil that is: 


ZircoFlex is easily manipulated to suit various geometries, and can even be folded tightly through 180o without damaging the thermal barrier.


With three options weighing as little as:

  • ZircoFlex I – 0.46kg/m2
  • ZircoFlex II – 1kg/m2
  • ZirocFlex III – 1.5kg/m2


With options varying from:

  • ZircoFlex I – 0.25mm
  • ZircoFlex II – 0.5mm
  • ZirocFlex III – 0.85mm


So the material is robust and easy to handle.


And installed by hand or machine.


Using mechanical fasteners or high temperature adhesives (supplied separately by Zircotec)


  • Protection of engine bay components from engine/exhaust heat.
  • Bodywork protection.
  • Reductions of heat soak through footwells, bulkheads etc.
  • Fuel tank protection.
  • Thermal insulation of silencer units etc.

Current Adoptions

Early applications for ZircoFlex® FOIL came from the motorsport sector, where the foil can be used to protect sensitive components from heat in increasingly crowded engine bays. ZircoFlex® foil is currently being supplied to a wide range of motorsport series including Formula 1. We are also supplying considerable volumes to the automotive and aerospace sectors where the foil is in demand as a rapid solution to thermal protection problems.