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ZircoFlex GOLD

ZircoFlex® GOLD is a high performance heatshield material offering exceptional levels of protection against both radiant and conductive heat in a single easy to use product.

ZircoFlex® GOLD is a gold backed aluminium foil that provides maximum levels of heat reflectivity that is:

  • Gold Backed – Delivering 98% heat reflectivity.
  • Flexible – Easily manipulated to suit different geometries, and can be folded tightly through 180 without damaging the thermal barrier.
  • Lightweight – Weighing only 0.56kg/m2
  • Extremely thin – 0.35mm overall, needing minimal space for installation.
  • Easily Cut – And easily installed by hand or machine.
  • Easily Fixed in Place – Using mechanical fasteners or high temperature adhesives (supplied seperately by Zircotec).
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700 X700 Self Adhesive Gold

The Benefits

  • Highly Effective Thermal Barrier – The ceramic pattern on ZircoFlex® creates excellent proven thermal barriers. Using the standard BSI heat shield test, ZircoFlex® GOLD is comparable to standard ZircoFlex® I, reducing temperatures by ∼64%. This ensures minimal heat transfer and high levels of protection of the underlying component.
  • Highly Reflective to Radiant Heat – ZircoFlex® GOLD is highly reflective of infra-red radiation with results better than 98% reflectivity recorded at >600nm. Provides excellent thermal protection from radiant heat.
  • Ultra Lightweight – ZircoFlex® GOLD weighs ∼560g/m² therefore adding minimal weight, with virtually no effect on the cars weight balance.
  • Thin and Flexible – ZircoFlex® GOLD is 0.35mm thick and is easily bent and folded to shape.
  • Attractive Finish – A bright gold finish that is highly visible within the engine compartment, allowing ease of inspection.
  • Easy to Shape – Can be cut to shape with as simple a tool as scissors, with no further tools required for application. Easily used within the pit garage or at home.

700x700 Gold Sizes
*Bespoke sizes are available upon request.

Available Formats

ZircoFlex I GOLD

Thermal Barrier: Up to 64% Heat Reduction

Thickness: 0.35mm

Weight: 0.46kg/m2

ZircoFlex I GOLD

ZircoFlex II GOLD

Thermal Barrier: Up to 77% Heat Reduction

Thickness: 0.60mm

Weight: 1kg/m2

700x700 Gold Ii

ZircoFlex III GOLD

Thermal Barrier: Up to 85% Heat Reduction

Thickness: 0.95mm

Weight: 1.5kg/m2

700x700 Gold Iii

Typical Applications

  • Protection of engine bay components from engine and exhaust heat.
  • Bodywork protection, e.g. The protection of carbon composite materials from radiant heat damage.
  • Reduction of heat soak through footwells, bulkheads, etc.
  • Insulation of air intake systems. Reducing heat soak thereby minimising air intake temperatures for maximum engine performance.