ZircoFlex® FORM

Zircotec’s structural ceramic heat shield combines our high-performance ceramic coating technology with the ability to form structural heat shields at minimal weight.

Formable Ceramic Heat Shield

ZircoFlex® FORM is a rigid, thin embossed stainless steel, patented heat shield material, coated on both sides with Zircotec’s proven ThermoHold® ceramic coating. ZircoFlex® FORM is supplied as a flat panel for customers to form in-house. The material is capable for use as a direct contact or offset heat shield.

ZircoFlex FORM delivers a compelling mix of strength, weight, structure and heat resistance. The yellow gold finish on one side increases heat reflectivity, whilst our metallic black ceramic coating acts as a thermal barrier on the other.


700x700 Zircoflex Form In Use

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  • Heat transfer reduction of up to ~85%
  • Effective protection of engine bay components, bodywork and vulnerable electrics from engine & exhaust heat
  • Protection against heat sources of up to 1,200°C
  • Extremely lightweight & thin
  • Reduced in-cabin heat soak
  • Structural heat shield that can be formed into bespoke shapes to suit your application
  • Ease of fitment line-side
  • Ready to use, ideal for testing and prototyping purposes


  • Core of embossed (type 304) stainless steel sandwich between two layers of Zircotec’s proprietary ThermoHold® based ceramic thermal barrier material.
  • Material thickness: 0.8mm thick.
  • Product thickness: 1.6mm thick.
  • Weight: 2.9Kg/m2
  • Thermal conductivity: ~0.3 W/mº K at 200ºC 1
  • Temperature ceiling: Tested to 900ºC (hot side temperature).

1 Tests based on guarded hot plate method in accordance with BS874 Pt 2 (1986)