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ZircoFlex® SHIELD

Predominantly manufactured to satisfy the demanding specifications of F1 and supercar markets, our bespoke metallic encapsulated heat shield systems can be used in direct contact with heat sources measuring up to 1000°C.

Our bespoke Heat Shielding offering are metallic encapsulated insulation systems manufactured to satisfy the demanding specifications of F1, Motorsport and OEM markets. This bespoke technology is now available to you, for your personal project or track car. These systems are capable of use in direct contact to heat sources up to 1,000°C, improving exhaust emissions and engine performance along with reduced component cold face temperatures.

This technology is employed on applications such as:

  • Exhausts
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems
  • Turbochargers
  • Diesel Particulate Filters
  • Catalysts


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Zircotec work with each client to specify and design ZircoFlex® SHIELD solutions to meet the goals of each application. Our extensive experience and expertise in this field allows us to specify materials from a range of fibre and Microporous insulation cores along with metallic encapsulations to meet thermal performance, durability, and budgetary requirements.

ZircoFlex® SHIELD Heat Shielding solutions are manufactured and categorised as either

Integral, Lagged, or Wrapped

Where cores are applied directly onto components and encapsulated with an outer metallic skin, such as primary exhaust pipes.

Detachable, Removable or Clam Shell

Allowing application and removal to the component, secondary exhaust pipes or turbo jackets insulations are a good example of this solution.

Offset Heat Shields

Manufactured with or without an insulation core providing temperature reductions where space envelopes and air movement allow the shield to be offset to the heat source.

ZircoFlex SHIELD + Coating

Zircotec also increase the performance of these solutions over traditional insulation systems with the addition of our patented Zircotec thermal barrier coating. Our coating can support insulation core removal or reduced thickness to aid tighter packaging along with added protection to areas where an insulation system cannot be employed such as the exhaust flange / primary area. In testing scenarios, the addition of our patented thermal barrier coating offers a significant performance benefit, weight saving, and packaging space reductions. ZircoFlex® SHIELD Bespoke Heat Shields and Coatings have many benefits and advantages in application as outlined below:

Heat Reduction

  • Heat Reduction to localised engine bay environment.
  • Cooler fluid hydraulic and water temperatures for improved performance.
  • Cooler engine air inlet charge temperatures for increased and consistent efficiency.

Heat Protection

  • Heat protection to surrounding components in proximity whilst aiding operation and reliability.
  • Allow use lower temperature resilient materials close to heat sources.
  • Safer cool side maintenance.

Reduced Fire Risks

  • Contact ignition sources in ATEX and Agricultural use.
  • Over temperature faults igniting surrounding fluid-soaked components.
  • No fire risk from oil / fluid contaminated material such as budget exhaust wraps.

Heat / Energy Retention

  • Exhaust gas temperatures are higher improving emissions and operation of emissions control systems.
  • Exhaust gas temperatures are higher and retain more energy / increased gas flow with benefits to engine performance.

Cabin Heat Reduction

  • Remove discomfort and aid driver endurance and concentration.
  • Reduced loads on air conditioning systems.
  • Potential burn point issues removed for material and drivers.