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Link Pipe Ceramic Coating

The link pipe on a motorbike can become hot as it connects the exhaust headers to the muffler/silencer. Insulating it with Zircotec’s ceramic coatings can provide significant benefits.

Why Insulate Your Link Pipe with Ceramic Coating?


The link pipe is exposed to extremely high temperatures due to its function and location. Insulating the link pipe of a motorbike can improve performance. In some cases, the link pipe may have a thin-walled design to reduce weight and enhance exhaust gas flow, which improves performance but also increases the pipe’s temperature. By retaining the exhaust gas temperatures within the link pipe, gas flow can be improved while reducing back pressure. Zircotec’s ceramic coating can also lower the surface temperature of the link pipe, reducing the amount of heat radiated and conducted from it. This minimizes the risk of heat-related incidents and enhances rider comfort, resulting in a more enjoyable ride. Additionally, ceramic coating the link pipe can protect it from rust corrosion, improving its durability, longevity, and aesthetics.

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To summarise, our coating solutions offer:


  • Surface temperature reductions
  • Reduced heat transfer to the rider and neighbouring components
  • Heat retention within the exhaust system
  • Performance gains
  • Protection from rust corrosion