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BMW E36 Coupe gets the ceramic coating treatment

We had the pleasure of working with a repair specialist based in Tyrol, Austria – S+F on their 1995 BMW E63 race car.


S+F was founded in 1997, they started off as a team of 2 working as a master car repair store. They have since expanded their team, with two locations in Tyrol, specializing in a wide variety of repairs including engine revisions, performance upgrades, individual vehicle conversions and more. Since 2010, they introduced the S+F Motorsport department where they both drive and work on race cars as mechanics for the S+F race car.


Their race car is a 1995 BMW E36 Coupe. The 320i M50 engine has been upgraded to 3.2 litre with a turbocharger. The car sits on a bespoke S+F lightweight chassis and is equipped with an E60 6-speed transmission. With the above upgrades, the car is rated at an impressive 600hp, 620Nm, weighing in at 1085kg and with maximum speed of 198mph! (320km/h).


With all this power, thermal issues were unavoidable. On the dyno test bench, the sealing of the wheel housing melted and caught fire! The wiring harness for ignition coils also couldn’t withstand the heat and broke. After doing some research they found Zircotec, and thought it was promising to go with us as we provide thermal solutions for F1 too.

The guys at S+F opted for our Performance White™ ceramic coating, which is the best thermal barrier on the market, utilised across all levels of motorsport. It can withstand temperatures as high as 1,400°C and help reduce surface temperatures by up to 33%. Protecting vulnerable components nearby in the engine bay from heat damage. By coating the manifolds in our Performance White™ thermal barrier coating, it can also potentially increase performance as heat energy is better retained within the gas inside the manifolds.


Check out their race car in action!

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