Ferrari red exhaust ceramic coating for 360 model

Our customer, Paolo is a true car enthusiast who came to Zircotec as he was looking to reduce heat in the engine bay of his Ferrari 360. Paolo is also the proud owner of a Porsche 911 Turbo & a 1966 Ford Mustang.


Paolo bought the Ferrari in February last year, and thoroughly enjoyed it over the following summer. He then decided to work on the car over the winter to get it ready for summer 2023! Paolo is the 3rd owner of the Ferrari 360, one of the main reasons around getting this car was for the incredible sound.



Unfortunately, the 22-year-old original manifolds cracked and couldn’t be repaired, so Paolo opted for a brand-new set with the hope of improving the sound even further! This also offered the opportunity to improve the heat management of the vehicle, Paolo started researching around ceramic coatings and how it could reduce the heat produced within the engine bay. After reading up on the features and benefits of ceramic coatings, Paolo decided to go for one of the best colours that compliments his 360 – Performance Chilled Red™, from our Performance Colours™ Range. Our thermal barrier ceramic coatings significantly lower exhaust surface temperatures, delivering a reduction of up to ~33%, aiding the reduction of inlet charge and fluid system temperatures. Another benefit of our thermal barrier is the retention of heat / energy in the exhaust gas stream, improving gas speeds and providing a positive effect on power and torque.

And of course, it looks great too… Check out his before and after here.

Before And After

Paolo was particularly impressed by our quick turnaround time and the finish of our ceramic coating.

In addition to upgrading the manifolds, Paolo also went for a new catalytic converter, Remus back box and BMC air filters to improve its performance. After getting the car remapped from VIEZU Technologies based in Stratford-Upon-Avon: – the crank hp improved from 396hp to 420hp when measured on the dyno. Torque was also considerably improved from 275lbft to 315lbft.

Get in touch today to find out more about our ceramic coatings. Now’s the perfect time for a performance upgrade before show season and the summer kicks in!