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Heat shielding solutions for an Ultima GTR

MacG Racing, a motorsport racing team, engineering company and performance parts supplier, specialising in race cars came to us for heat management solutions for their customer’s Ultima GTR build.


A customer of MacG Racing was looking to improve their Ultima GTR’s drivability and performance, both from an engine output perspective, as well as handling. However, according to the experts at MacG Racing, there were a few limitations to the GM LS3 engine package in the car as standard ‘out of the box’, of which MacG were looking to resolve with various upgrades. They also addressed the car’s aerodynamic aids as they were limited when they first enquired with MacG Racing.


MacG Racing initially fitted aerodynamic enhancements to the car to improve the vehicle’s handling and stability, which included a front splitter and rear wing upgrades. They also installed some side scoops to help improve engine bay cooling as the engine is in the back, where cooling airflow was a potential challenge. To further improve the driveability and performance of the engine, MacG Racing specified various engine upgrades, including a new camshaft profile and air intake package to provide more mid-range torque, peak power and improve air intake temperatures. The engine was removed from the car and the upgraded parts were fitted, alongside some other minor modifications. The car was mapped to suit the new engine configuration and optimise the fuelling set up.

Once the engine setup had been completed, the customer drove the car and felt that with the new performance upgrades, he could maximise the use of the car. However, in-cabin temperatures were relatively high which made it less comfortable, and not ideal for concentration, especially on warmer track days. MacG Racing decided to opt in for heat management by Zircotec, “We chose Zircotec products due to their pedigree in high end motorsport, and opted for the Performance White™ of exhaust coating to give a high performance coating which also improved the cosmetics of the exhaust system.” The system was removed from the car, coated, then repacked with high performance exhaust silencer packing material before being refitted to the car. After the full engine upgrade by MacG Racing along with our Performance White™ Ceramic Coating, they did a quick measure of the exhaust surface temperature and it was down to 60°C! Not only did this reduce under clam temperatures to improve reliability and air intake temperatures, but the subsequent reduction in heat in the cabin made the car a lot more comfortable to drive.



Measuring the surface temperature of the exhaust whilst it’s running.