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Performance Boost – Hillclimbing Mallock MK23

Some of you might know, Zircotec has a soft spot for MG, as they used to be based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire – which in fact was on the exact site that we’re in now…


Our customer, Andy came to us with his Mallock MK23 looking for a heat management, performance & aesthetic solution for his exhaust manifold. Andy elaborated the Mallock MK23 has a Honda K series engine installed, but was badged for MG Rover in the UK. “I started hill-climbing in 2019 at the age of 60; a long time to wait since I first attended a hill-climb meeting at Prescott near Cheltenham in the early 1980s. At that time there were many Mallocks used on the hills and I always wanted to compete in one and in 2019, even though they are no longer built, I managed to find one in Ireland and paid for it to be restored to pristine condition. I’ve used it in a few events and this winter as part of the upgrade I decided to Zircotec the exhaust manifold to see if I could squeeze a bit more performance out of the K Series 1600 engine. Zircotec also gives us a cleaner exhaust to work around and it even matches the car’s colour scheme!” – Andy added.

Andy says he acquired the car from Ireland 3 years ago, and has since undergone a total rebuild by the Mallock factory. Here are some pictures of the car when it was acquired (yellow bodywork) and during the rebuild, and now- in blue and white. Mallock are well known in the UK racing world, both on circuit racing and hill-climbs. Mallocks are no longer made, and this one dates back to 1981.

Startline Shelelsey Walsh

Engine Being Fitted

This Mallock MK23 is a front engine, single seat racing car which Andy uses for hill climbs, primarily the Shelsley Walshand Prescott Hillclimbs. He came to Zircotec as he was primarily looking for performance improvement for hillclimbing, he decided to go for our Performance Ultra Blue™ for a colour match for his rebuild. Performance Ultra Blue™ is one of our 14 colours from our Performance Colours™ Range which is suitable for applications for up to 900°C and can significantly help with lowering exhaust temperatures by up to 33%. Lowering the exhaust surface temperatures protects the engine bay from heat damage, this also aids lower intake temperatures. Whilst also retaining the hot exhaust gasses within the system to improve performance.

Here’s a before and after of the exhaust manifold, as you can see it was originally a little rusty too! Our surface preparation process will initially remove the surface rust, and our ceramic coating will act as a corrosion resistant barrier.

Before After