Thorney Motorsport McLaren 570 GT4R exhaust coating

Thorney Motorsport, McLaren specialists have been working with Zircotec for more than 10 years in solving thermal management issues.


Thorney Motorsport have been tuning and servicing road cars as well as building and running race cars since 1999, making them one of the most established tuning firms in the UK. Founded by John Thorne, the business has grown out of his enthusiasm and passion for cars and motor racing initially with the BMW M3, expanding into the VX220 and the Vauxhall range and then finally into McLaren’s. John’s passion for all things racing quickly turned into a business, of which is reflected in the core values of his business is to treat every customer’s car as if it was his own.

We have been working John and his team at Thorney Motorsport for about 10 years now!


As McLaren specialists, Thorney has a wealth of experience gained from working on vehicles that have collectively covered over 10,000,000 miles. Additionally, they have a racing division involved in circuit racing and off-road racing, which is the focus of this case study.

Thorney’s race build is the stunning and lightning quick McLaren 570 GT4R. In true Thorney Motorsport style, this absolute beast is no stranger to modifications & upgrades. With this in mind, they knew heat was going to be an issue, this is where Zircotec came into play as John opted for our plasma-applied ceramic coatings on the exhaust system.



From their extensive experience, Thorney have seen several GT4R builds where the OEM heat shields were removed, causing damages such as cracked manifolds and melted engine looms due to the extremely high heat generated in the small surface area of the exhaust. John highly endorses our exhaust ceramic coatings, even though he is well aware of other thermal management products on the market, which he refers to as the “cheap cheerful way,” such as exhaust heat wrap and heat cover protection. John emphasizes that “the best way for thermal management is ceramic coating,” based on his industry experience of over 25 years. By applying our plasma-applied ceramic coatings, John has seen a significant improvement in heat retention within the system, as well as surface heat reduction resulting in dramatic drops in the engine bay temperatures.

Having had their GT4R x-pipe ceramic coated by us 4 years ago, we’re glad to report that it’s still going strong! John said, “There is some discoloration, but given that it regularly experiences heat cycles of around 1,200°C, it’s not unreasonable.” Since then, they’ve never had any thermal issues in the engine bay, and the ceramic coating is very durable, showing no signs of cracking or flaking. John actually admitted, “I know for a fact that this ceramic coated exhaust x-pipe has been dropped on the floor several times, and it still hasn’t shown any cracks.”

John chose our Performance Graphite™, which is one of the 14 colours available from our Performance Colours Range™. It can offer up to 33% surface temperature reduction and improves engine efficiency and performance by aiding the reduction of inlet charge and fluid system temperatures while improving gas speeds. John added, “As opposed to other thermal management methods such as heat wrap, although ceramic coating is more expensive in comparison, heat wrap is nowhere near as durable, the installation process can be a challenge, and lastly, it can generate heat spots that can lead to cracking.” John has also witnessed heat wrap failures in road cars, where loose heat wraps caused heat flare, resulting in manifold cracking.


John highly recommends,

“If you modify your car, I highly recommend going to Zircotec for exhaust ceramic coating to eliminate any heat issues in the engine bay!”

Get in touch to find out more about our plasma-applied ceramic coating, or if you’re interested in the products and services that Thorney Motorsport offers, visit their website.