7 Peter Pearce

Upgrading a Ducati with ceramic technology

One of our customers, Peter, came to us looking for a heat management solution that also met his aesthetic requirements for his 2010 Ducati Monster 796.


Ducati’s 796 sits well between the entry-level Monster 696 and the more potent Monster 1100, it’s one of biking’s uncomplicated joys. It’s easy to ride, neither under- nor over-powered, reasonably priced, easily maintained and of course, it looks good too. The 803cc engine in the Monster 796 has every requirement for a medium-sized air-cooled V-twin, giving it a decent level of horsepower at 130bhp.

Before After

7 Peter Pearce

Peter’s bike is a 2010 Ducati Monster 796, with Termignoni slip-on cans. He decided to opt for Zircotec Motorcycle Ceramic Coating for two main reasons.

1- Aesthetics
2- Heat Reduction

As part of this, he bought a second set of pipes in order to make the bike stand out from the normal spec. The new pipes were stainless steel, and Peter thought it would look better in black, as it would be in-keeping with the rest of his bike’s look. On top of that, to improve the drivability and avoid potential overheating from the exhaust, he wanted to keep the surface temperatures around his legs down to a minimum.

“All the comments I read on various websites gave glowing reviews, and I thought Endurance Black looked so much better than Cerakote or ‘exhaust wrap’ – with the added benefit of longevity.” Peter explained. He went for our Endurance Black™, from our Endurance Range™ which is developed by Zircotec specifically to provide a durable surface finish for motorbike exhaust systems. Our Endurance Range™ has been extensively durability tested, including 100,000 miles use, exposure to extreme conditions such as salt spray, ice ,etc. It is also designed to be easily cleaned and maintained.

3 Peter Pearce

Our Endurance Range™ gives a classic matt black finish which is a popular option for motorbikes of all disciplines, be it a Café Racer, Sports Bike, Touring or even a Scooter. Apart from the aesthetic upgrade, it can also help reduce surface temperatures by up to 25%, making it a comfortable ride as well as improving its performance and reliability.

Feel free to get in touch to find out more about our Endurance Range™. Although it is specifically designed for motorbikes, it has also been well-proven by other customers to be used on cars too!