GT40 upgrade from heat wraps to a ceramic coating

Olivier, the owner of a Superformance GT40 MK2 came to Zircotec for a refresh of this rare model.


Olivier bought this Superformance GT40 MK2 second hand last year in November. He had always wanted an MK2 above any other GT40 model, but the search for one was not easy. Eventually he found this MK2 model, however, it needed a lot of TLC as it had been through a lot of track days, and therefore needed considerable work to be restored to its former glory. Olivier fixed up the gearbox leaks, brakes, ignition wiring, plugs, distributor, carb setup, throttle cable and installed a set of Avon tires CR6ZZ instead of 17″ Michelin supersport (for track days).


Olivier was warned by the previous owner about his past issue regarding heat, mainly when driving to and from the track – whenever he was stuck in traffic, the idling engine bay was not able to radiate the heat off, resulting in a dangerous amount of heat build-up within the engine bay. The engine is a small block 427SR (i.e. Based on a 351 stroked to 427), it is lighter than a big block but as a consequence, it is prone to temperature fluctuations as an effect from its ‘lack of mass’. The last owner had the whole exhaust wrapped with heat wraps. Whilst the last owner thought the heat wrap did its job in retaining the heat within the exhaust, the heat wraps trapped a lot of the moisture, grease, and oil within the fibre material of the heat wrap, which is also flammable. Not only did this increase its risk of fire, but also it caused rusting of the exhaust system all over. Olivier disassembled the exhaust, only to find it to be rusted and greasy. As part of the last owner’s heat management solution, he also fitted a few large fans at the back of the bonnet, to force air out during the static phases and in general, to increase airflow under the bonnet.



From a heat management point of view, Olivier did think the heat wraps and fans were working, but it was debatable from a safety perspective. Olivier found it extremely itchy and uncomfortable when he was working on the engine too. Additionally, Olivier thought it was not aesthetically pleasing and having heat wraps on the famous GT40 would not do the ‘bundle of snakes’ the justice it deserves. As an engineer himself, Olivier wanted something that would solve the issue once and for all, as well as a achieve the secondary criteria of improving the exhaust’ appearance too. Upon his research, he found many exhaust coating solutions, but Zircotec stood out to him, with our solutions outperforming our competitors in terms of thermal performance.

Olivier wanted something to match with his ‘old gold’ rims and race livery, he was very impressed by our customer services, “I really like the approach of Zircotec, they were extremely patient and transparent in explaining about their colours as they knew I wanted an exact colour match.’ Olivier opted for our Performance Yellow Gold™ finish, and he was very happy with the appearance. Performance Yellow Gold™ is one out of 14 of our Performance Colours™, which can withstand up to 900°C, and reduce surface temperature by up to 33%.


It was a huge pleasure for us to work on the iconic GT40, and we can’t wait to see Olivier take her onto the track! Get it touch with us to find out more about our exhaust ceramic coatings, especially our Performance Colours™ Range if you’re looking for an aesthetic upgrade as well as thermal performance.