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Can Exhaust Tailpipes be Ceramic Coated?

To reap the rewards from our protective and performance enhancing thermal barrier ceramic coatings, it’s important to apply our proprietary coatings onto the full exhaust system. From the manifolds to the downpipe, turbo to back box. However, more and more customers opt for ceramic coated exhaust tailpipes too. Ceramic coating exhaust tailpipes hold numerous practical uses and benefits.


Although the majority of our customers ceramic coat exhaust tailpipes for aesthetic reasons, there are cases whereby ceramic coating exhaust tailpipes is essential for heat management.

Particularly supercar and hypercar OEMs require exhaust tailpipes to be ceramic coated to protect the surrounding bodywork from intense heat transfer. As most super/hypercars are configured as mid-engine vehicles, there’s also less distance for the exhaust gasses to travel through the system, therefore they exit at higher temperatures than front-engined vehicles. In addition, high-performance vehicles in general tend to output higher temperatures within the engine bay.

There are other cases of cars with carbon fibre composite bodywork where the exhaust tailpipes require our thermal barrier ceramic coating to reduce the temperatures of exhaust air coming out, as prior to being coated, the gas temperatures get so hot that it causes structural damage to the bodywork! Depending on the position of the exhaust silencer of a motorbike, exhaust tailpipes coating is often beneficial for the rider from a comfort perspective. As sometimes it is positioned right by the legs, our ceramic coating can help reduce the surface temperature of the exhaust end, making it a much more enjoyable experience to ride.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating Exhaust Tailpipes

Apart from solving the heat management issues as mentioned above, applying ceramic coating on exhaust tailpipes can also improve car/bike performance as it:

  • Aids in reducing heat transfer
  • Reduces exhaust surface temperature by up to 33%
  • Retains heat within the exhaust, helping gas travel faster
  • Rapidly cools the exhaust when the engine is turned off

Examples of Past Projects with Exhaust Tailpipes Coating

#1 Lamborghini Reventón

Lamborghini was looking for a durable finish on their exhaust tailpipes and decided to go for one of our ceramic coatings as it matches their styling and OEM quality standards. They were happy with our stringent quality and it was able to not only protect its composite bodywork but also significantly improve performance in comparison to any other solutions they have tried previously. This was also an excellent solution for them from a weight and space restriction perspective, as they had limited space envelope in the design as well as the need of keeping the car as light weight as possible, they were happy with our thin, lightweight, and aesthetically pleasing solution for the Lamborghini Reventón.

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One 77 Aston Martin 9041

#2 Aston Martin

We have worked with Aston Martin on a few of their vehicles, including the DB11 series, and One-77 which is arguably the perfect blend of power and art. Similarly to other hypercar OEMs, they utilised composites in the bodywork to achieve optimal strength and lightweighting. To match their different styles and standards, we’ve developed different ranges of ceramic coatings to meet their demand in quality and aesthetics whilst providing performance improvements.

Get in touch today to find out more about our proprietary thermal barrier ceramic coatings, and how they improve vehicle performance and aesthetics.