Regal Autosport’s BMW E30 build #KeepUpToSpeed pt.2


In this edition we’re taking you back to where it all began, a long time ago, in a garage far far away… (Southampton)
Regal Autosport get their BMW E30 build underway, with the aim of increasing it’s output by an additional 100+ BHP!
With this in mind, I’m sure it goes without saying that not many petrol-heads would pass up on the opportunity of one-hundred extra galloping horses under the bonnet at their disposal. However, with great power, comes great responsibility to manage heat!

That’s the last movie pun… Honest. Regal came to us with their newly fabricated BTB Manifolds, and asked how we could support them in keeping engine bay temps down to a minimum. Luckily we have several solutions on offer to address this issue, from exhaust coatings to metallic encapsulated heat shields, otherwise known as lagging.

After further consultation, Regal opted for our Performance Graphite Ceramic Coating, which offers:

Temperature reductions of up to 33%
Improved performance
Increased part durability
Enhanced aesthetic They also reported heat management issues at the gearbox tunnel, to the extent where the in-cabin temperatures became unbearable for the driver. We assisted by suggesting our ZircoFlex GOLD, which is an offset ceramic heat shield, that can be applied onto problem areas that suffer with heat soak.