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Why Heat Shield/ Lag your Exhaust System?

There are many reasons OEM’s and Motorsport clients specify our market leading ZircoFlex® SHIELD heatshield technology for use on high temperature applications.


ZircoFlex® SHIELD insulation solutions are frequently installed onto ICE exhaust side systems where temperatures of up 900°C are seen. Here are some examples of where ZircoFlex® SHIELD heatshield technology is used.


  • Exhaust Manifolds
  • Exhaust systems from Downpipes to Tailpipe Exit
  • Turbochargers
  • Wastegates
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems (EGR)
  • Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)
  • Selective catalytic reduction systems (SCR)
  • Catalytic converters

Zircotec draw on their many years of extensive experience in the field of thermal management to specify, design and manufacture ZircoFlex® SHIELD heatshield technology to provide real world performance improvements on varied applications. Increased engine power and reduced emissions gains are proven from use of this technology through increased heat retention in the exhaust gas stream.

There are also further performance benefits from reduction of external surface temperatures of exhaust side systems through lower engine bay temperatures resulting in reduced inlet charge temperatures. The performance of vehicle fluid bearing systems such as power steering, brake reservoirs, fuel and brake lines also benefit from reduced engine bay temperatures whilst making it possible to use lower heat resilient materials such as carbon fibre and polymers composites on engine and engine bay components. With reduced temperatures improving the durability and reliability of engine systems and components which are commonly in close proximity to exhaust systems such as starter motors and alternators.

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From a safety perspective, uninsulated systems carrying extremely hot gases increase fire risk, and present burn hazards for operator maintenance. This is not only in engine compartments but as the exhaust system routes past areas like fuel tanks or hybrid battery packs, plastic body parts and in the case of a side exit system / motorcycle applications further burn hazards. And of course, let’s not forgot the driver and occupants who’s comfort, concentration and endurance will all be affected by raising in-cabin temperatures.

Gains in performance that our solutions provide are crucial in competitive motorsport, as well as reducing stress and fatigue on the car and driver by reducing the effect of these extreme thermal cycles. ZircoFlex® SHIELD applications feature:


  • High Quality fully welded systems using stainless steel, Inconel or Titanium Alloys
  • Full Encapsulation of insulation cores
  • Specified, Designed and manufactured in house for applications up to 1,000°C
  • Dramatic reductions in surface temperatures
  • Minimal Thickness & Tolerance

ZircoFlex® SHIELD is specified and manufactured as an Integral or Detachable solution or even a combination of the both. ZircoFlex® SHIELD options are uniquely available as Ceramic Coated Heat Shields, which offers best in market thermal barrier performance, with minimal weight and thickness. We will be focusing on our patented coated heat shielding solutions in our next blog.

Detachable Vs Integral

Integral Heat shielding technologies, commonly referred to as lagging is widely adopted in motorsports such as F1, rally, drifting, etc. as well as modified cars in general.

With our integral, lagged or wrapped solutions, ZircoFlex® SHIELD is directly installed onto components, with a high-performance cores fully encapsulated to the component by the outer metallic layer, making this a permanent application. Our highly skilled fabricators apply ZircoFlex® SHIELD directly onto the parts, offering a fit-and-forget, long-lasting mechanical heat shielding solution. Our engineered solutions are bespoke to each application, ensuring it adds minimal weight and thickness, perfect for all applications where minimal space envelope is required.

ZircoFlex® SHIELD detachable solutions are easily installed and removed to meet the needs of some motorsport regulations and supporting repair or replacement of parts where needed, without losing the heat shield. Detachable heat shields generally offer another step improvement in heat retention and reduction over integral systems but do require 2-4mm additional space envelope.

Get in touch today to find out more on our bespoke ZircoFlex® SHIELD, metallic encapsulated heat shield systems.