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ZircoFlex GOLD VS Gold Reflective Heat Tape

We’re often asked, “why is your ‘gold reflective tape’ so much more expensive than XYZ’s?”. The answer is simple… They’re COMPLETELY different products!


Before we get into the details of their differences, it’s important to address the basics of heat transfer.

There are 3 mechanisms that thermal energy is transferred: conduction, convection or radiation. The two mechanisms that are important for this particular topic are conduction and radiation. Conduction heat transfer is via molecular collisions and diffusion increasing the temperature of a lower temperature region. Radiation heat transfer is where infrared radiation (electromagnetic waves) are emitted from a region of high temperature to a region of lower temperature.

Comparing Apples to Oranges

Stepping forward to the Gold Reflective Heat Tape – we found that the ‘cheaper’ options of the gold tape is usually made out of a composite consisting of a polymer-based resin with a glass fibre matrix. Whereas in comparison, our ZircoFlex® FOIL product is an aluminium backed foil with our proprietary thermal barrier ceramic coating technology applied onto it. Therefore the ‘gold reflective heat tape’ found on the market cannot be compared directly our ZircoFlex® offset ceramic heat shields. Our technology not only provides heat reflectivity in reducing heat transfer via radiation, but also through thermal conductivity.

Underneath our reflective gold layer: we offer three layers of ceramic thicknesses: with the single layer offering up to 64% heat reduction; double-layered offering up to 77% heat reduction and triple-layered ceramic up to 85%! On top of this (quite literally), our gold layer is able to deliver 98% heat reflectivity. Our proprietary thermal barrier ceramic coating technology is known for its lightweight qualities – the ‘thickest’ ZircoFlex® GOLD option we offer is only 0.85mm!




Our ZircoFlex® FOIL range of offset ceramic heat shields allows for easy application onto bodywork areas that suffer from heat soak, such as footwells, bulkheads and gearbox tunnels etc. We also offer various size options, with our without 3M backed self-adhesive for ease of application onto complex geometries.

To summarise, our ZircoFlex® FOIL range of offset ceramic heat shields are truly in a league of their own and cannot be directly compared to the cheaper ‘gold reflective heat tape’ options available on the market. Don’t just take our word for it, see how the guys at Regal Autosport transformed the unbearable in-cabin temperatures on their BMW E30 race car build.

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