Primary Black™ – Sample



30 x 80 mm coated aluminium sample tube

Sample for Plasma-Sprayed Ceramic Thermal Barrier Coating

Product Description:
Primary Black™ was devised as a lower cost derivative of our exhaust coating technology. It is a ceramic coating that retains all of the quality and durability for which Zircotecs coatings are renowned. Balancing thermal performance with affordability, this ceramic coating will appeal to users who want some of the benefits of Zircotec’s plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings, but who might not need the ultra high levels of thermal barrier performance offered by some of our other offerings. Primary Black™ offers the following key benefits:

Robust fit-and-forget ceramic coating

  • It is in effect “welded” to the substrate using our proprietary metal bond system; eliminating the need for exhaust wrap; protecting components against corrosion; and continuing to perform and look good. With no compromise on quality, this coating has passed our full product validation regime

Attractive matt black finish

  • with a ceramic coating based on our proprietary ThermoHold® technology

High level of thermal performance

  • Suitable for applications of up to 900°C (1,650°F)

Significantly lower exhaust temperatures

  • Even though this is our “entry level” coating, it still offers a potential 25% reduction in manifold or exhaust system surface temperatures – significantly better than ceramic paint type products that typically offer a ~9% reduction (see our coating perfomance chart above which is based on a typical uncoated manifold temperature of 600°C/1,112°F)

Reduced heat loss from the exhaust

  • Resulting in lower engine bay temperatures

Highly efficient yet lightweight

  • Only 0.3mm thick (0.012″ thick) with minimal weight gain

Protection for vulnerable components located close to the exhaust

  • Avoiding heat damage, increasing component life, and allowing closer packaging of equipment inside the engine bay

Improved engine performance and reliability

  • Lower air intake temperatures lead to increased engine power, whilst keeping the heat inside the exhaust gas allows the gases to flow more easily increasing cylinder scavenging, and allowing turbochargers to spool up more quickly

Reduced heat soak through footwells, bulkheads, etc.

  • So drivers are potentially cooler, more comfortable, and more able to concentrate

Rapid cooling of the exhaust when the engine is turned off

  • The surface temperature of the coating drops quickly when the engine is off, making pit stops faster, easier and safer

Genuine value for money

  • Firmly within the budget of those who might otherwise choose exhaust wrap or ceramic paint type products (this plasma-sprayed ceramic coating offers up to 3x the performance of a ceramic paint but at a comparable price – plus the benefits of our product guarantee)