Satin Black Silencer

Silencer Ceramic Coating

Insulating silencers with our ceramic coating can provide significant benefits. By applying Zircotec’s ceramic coating to the silencers/mufflers of your bike, you can improve performance, aesthetics, longevity, and more.

Why Insulate Your Silencers with Our Ceramic Coating?


Silencers, like the rest of the exhaust system, are located in close proximity to the exhaust gases, resulting in high temperatures. Similar to the link pipe, silencers are often constructed with relatively thin metal walls to enhance performance, which makes them even hotter. By insulating the silencer of a motorbike with our ceramic coating, you can reduce the surface temperature, minimising heat conduction and radiation. This not only enhances safety but also ensures a more comfortable ride, reducing the risk of heat-related accidents.

Ceramic coating the silencer/muffler helps retain heat within the exhaust system, improving exhaust gas flow and accelerating the exhaust process. Reduced heat transfer to the surrounding components also provides protection to vulnerable parts that can be sensitive to heat, increasing their durability and longevity.


To summarise, our coating solutions can offer:


  • Surface temperature reductions
  • Reduced heat transfer to the rider and neighbouring components
  • Heat retention within the exhaust system
  • Performance gains
  • Protection against rust corrosion