Ultra Blue Turbo

Turbo Housing Ceramic Coating

Insulating the turbo housing is one of the best ways to improve your turbocharger’s efficiency. This can be done by applying our plasma-sprayed thermal barrier ceramic coating onto the turbo housing.

Why Insulate your Turbine Housing with Ceramic Coating?


By ceramic coating the hot side of a turbocharger – the turbine housing, can help increase the flow rate of exhaust gas within the housing. This inherently increases the number of rotations (rpm) as the exhaust gas is spinning the turbine at a higher rate, subsequently increasing car performance. Apart from performance gains by retaining heat energy of the airflow within the turbo, ceramic coating the turbo housing can also help reduce overall under-bonnet temperatures. This can help protect vulnerable components near the turbo housing, further enhances the car’s reliability and safety.


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To summarise, our coating solutions offer:


  • Heat retention within the housing
  • Increases spooling speed
  • Protection of vulnerable components
  • Surface temperature reductions
  • Performance gains