Wastegate Ceramic Coating

Insulating a wastegate can significantly improve car performance and efficiency. Applying our ceramic coating onto a wastegate can help regulate the amount of boost pressure.

Why insulate your Wastegate with ceramic coating?


Wastegates are primarily used in turbocharged engines, but they can also be used in supercharged engines, which works similarly in the way they compress air into the engine to increase power. Insulating a wastegate reduces heat transfer which can help protect the turbocharger or supercharger which is usually in close proximity. It can also improve the boost pressure regulation by preventing excessive heat from affecting the wastegate actuator, which can in turn help in reducing turbo lag.

Wastegate ceramic coating can help with improving engine performance and efficiency, as well as the lifespan of neighbouring components (turbocharger/supercharger), or even the wastegate itself!


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To summarise, our heat management coating solutions offer:


  • Surface temperature reduction
  • Heat transfer reduction onto turbocharger/supercharger
  • Reduce turbo lag – improved boost pressure regulation
  • Performance gains
  • Increase lifespan of the wastegate and neighbouring components