Zircotec coating in engine


We provide ultra-high performance Ceramic Coating & Heat Shielding technologies to a variety of industries. Our products can be found within the Automotive OEM, Elite Motorsport, Industrial and Aftermarket sectors.

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Engineering Services

Zircotec engage with consortiums and on individual development projects, both commercially and through government funded initiatives. Our engineering department tackles industry challenges in the development of new technologies and products such as Hydrogen ICE, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Electric Vehicles and Alternative Fuel Developments. Zircotec have embarked upon a number of APC & Innovate UK projects to date. As a result, Zircotec technologies form part of the world’s first methane powered tractor, as well as addressing the embrittlement damage from the use of hydrogen fuels. Zircotec continue to innovate with the aim of reducing the automotive carbon footprint, in line with global targets.

Engineering Services

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