Pagani Zonda with ThermoHold® applied to engine parts


Zircotec Ceramic Coatings are widely recognised as the best performing thermal barrier coatings, that’s why we’re trusted by Automotive OEMs, Elite Motorsport Teams, and Aftermarket Manufacturers.

Zircotec coatings are further protected by patents, therefore the quality of our finishes cannot be replicated by any other supplier. Our coatings are predominantly plasma applied, providing ultimate quality and thermal barrier efficiency for harsh, demanding environments.

Thermal barrier coatings can be applied to most composites, metals and metal alloys including all types of steel, titanium, nickel, chrome, nickel alloys, aluminium, copper, and brass. Zircotec coatings not only provide a thermal barrier, but also increases durability and enhances the aesthetic of the substrate. Our ceramic coating competencies consists of the following:

Specialist Coatings Dsc06974

Don't just take our word for it...

“The Zircotec coating was the only coating that satisfied all our requirements.”

“It is durable and offers significantly better performance than any other solution we have seen.”

Luca Meschiari, Head of Exhausts at Lamborghini – Reventon Model


“The Zircotec coating offered us an immediate solution and substantial improvement over the coating we were already using.”

“There was no tooling investment for ordinary heat shields, it is low weight and it needs minimal packaging space.”

Jeff Stokes, Koenigsegg’s Chief Operations Officer – CCX Model

“Zircotec helped us in achieving the attention to detail in weight reduction on this programme. Their coating helps save weight yet it is also durable, and meets our requirements in terms of performance and quality more than other solutions we have seen.”

Luca Meschiari, head of exhausts at Lamborghini – Murcielago Super Veloce Model


“Everything around the rear end of the car is ceramic Zircotec-coated because of the temperatures we see here – about 600 degrees C,”

Libby Meigh, Colour and Material Manager for Aston Martin – Valkyrie Model