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Performance 1 Coatings – Polymer Ceramics

Performance 1 Coatings are our range of thermally stable polymer ceramic coatings that offer a styling solution for exhaust systems and components in high temperature environments.

Performance 1 Coatings are expertly applied to a pre-prepared surface and are able to adhere to a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminium, carbon fibre, and plastics. Performance 1 Coatings can reduce temperatures by up to 15%, which significantly reduces engine bay temperature and helps to keeps intake air cooler.

Your choice of coatings will come from either our Standard range or Volcanic range. Where the Volcanic range is suitable for Motorsport and can withstand temperatures up to 980℃.

Benefits of Performance 1 Coatings Finishes

  • Increased engine power.
  • Lower exhaust temperatures.
  • Protection for thermally sensitive components.
  • Lower engine bay temperatures.
  • Reduced heat soak in the cabin.
  • Rapid cooling qualities.
  • Improved Looks.
  • Better resistance to the elements.
  • Gases allowed to flow better through exhaust system.
  • Protection from rust.

P1C Ranges

STANDARD Performance 1 Coatings

Surface Temperature Reduction: Up to 12%

Maximum Operating Temperature: Up to 650°C

Finish: Smooth

Colour Options: Satin Black, Deep Black

Deep Black Whitebg

Deep Black

Satin Black White Bg

Satin Black







Surface Temperature Reduction: Up to 15%

Maximum Operating Temperature: Up to 980°C

Finish: Smooth

Colour Options: Matt Black, Tungsten Grey, Titanium, Gold, Silver, Green

Volcanic Black

Matt Black

Volcanic Tungsten Grey

Tungsten Grey

Volcanic Titanium


Volcanic Silver


The Better Volcanic Gold


Volcanic Green








Surface Temperature Reduction: Up to 12%

Maximum Operating Temperature: Up to 425°C

Finish: Smooth

Colour Options: Red, White, Blue

Vibrant Red Whitebg


Vibrant Whitebg


Vibrant Blue Whitebg







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