Industrial excavator with Performance Diesel™ coating

Performance Diesel™

Performance Diesel™ is ideal for commercial, agricultural and industrial vehicle manufacturers.

Zircotec’s heat management coatings offer crucial heat reductions specifically for commercial vehicle OEMs to improve efficiency and meet stringent emissions regulations. Effective heat management is a fundamental aspect of improving long-term reliability, reducing vehicle down time and saving running costs for service operators. Performance Diesel™ offers the following benefits for OEMs:

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A durable fit-and-forget coating

Our proprietary metal bond system creates an incredibly resilient base layer, essentially allowing the substrate to be welded in place. Regular reapplications are unnecessary, which in itself offers considerable savings on maintenance costs.

Offers OEMs new cost-saving measures

Performance Diesel™ coating can enable engineers to solve existing heat issues without a major redesign of the engine bay, as well as offering the opportunity to delete unnecessary heatshields.

High level of thermal performance

Our Performance Diesel™ coating has been proven to reduce surface temperatures by up to ~25%.

Increase engine efficiency

Helps meet Euro VI emissions regulations and stringent testing procedures for trucks and buses. Turbo units can spool up faster with increased internal temperatures for improved performance, efficiency and economy.

Ease of fitment

On the production line, our coatings are applied in a very thin layer of just 0.3mm for a minimal change in external diameter.

Retaining heat inside the exhaust protects vulnerable components

Such as electronics, fuel lines or plastics located nearby. Avoiding heat damage, increasing long-term reliability and overall performance.

Rapid cooling of the exhaust and turbo when the engine is turned off

The surface temperature of our Performance Diesel™ exhaust coating drops quickly after the engine is turned off, reducing servicing times.

Reduced heat soak through to cab or passenger compartments

To improve comfort and reduce the need for additional heavy insulation materials.

Ideal for non-visual parts where thermal management takes priority

Performance Diesel™ is ideal for under vehicle or non-visible applications.

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