Car engine with Zircotec Performance White applied

Performance White™

Performance White™ is the best thermal barrier ceramic coating on the market.

Based on our core ThermoHold® formulation, Performance White™ is only available from Zircotec, and is applied via our world class plasma-spray robotic systems.

Performance White™ delivers the ultimate in thermal barrier performance and can be utilised across a broad reach of industries.

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The Benefits

A robust fit-and-forget coating

It is in effect “welded” to the substrate using our proprietary metal bond system; eliminating the need for exhaust wrap, protecting components against corrosion, and continuing to perform and look good.

Ultra high level of thermal performance

Performance White™ is suitable for applications of up to 1,400oC (2,550oF);

Significantly lower exhaust temperatures

Surface temperatures reduce by ~33%.

Reduced heat loss from the exhaust resulting in lower engine bay temperatures

With Performance White™ reductions of >50oC are possible. For more information download our Case Study>

Highly efficient yet lightweight

Only 0.3mm (0.012″) thick with minimal weight gain.

Protection for vulnerable components located close to the exhaust

Avoiding heat damage, increasing component life, and allowing closer packaging of equipment inside the engine bay.

Improved engine performance and reliability

With Performance White™ coatings, lower air intake temperatures lead to increased engine power. Keeping the heat inside the exhaust gases improves the flow rate, which in turn can improve cylinder scavenging, and allowing turbochargers to spool up more quickly.

Reduced heat soak through footwells, bulkheads, etc.

So drivers are potentially cooler, more comfortable, and more able to concentrate.

Rapid cooling of the exhaust when the engine is turned off

The surface temperature of the Performance White™ coating drops quickly when the engine is off, making pit stops faster, easier and safer.

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