Pagani Zonda R with Zircotec coating

Engineering Services

Zircotec engage with consortiums and on individual development projects, both commercially and through government funded initiatives. Our engineering department tackles industry’s pressing challenges, in the development of new engineering services and technologies such as Hydrogen ICE, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Electric Vehicles and Alternative Fuel Developments.

Research and Development

Our Research & Development team work closely with OEMs, Universities & Government Funded Innovation Projects to develop the next generation of powertrain technologies. With a strong focus on alternative fuels and electrification.

We have an enviable track record in supporting new and novel technologies, with the overall aim of reaching the worlds net-zero targets.

Zircotec have embarked upon a number of Advanced Propulsion Center & Innovate UK projects to date. As a result, Zircotec technologies form part of the world’s first methane tractor, manufactured by New Holland Agriculture. As well as addressing the embrittlement damage from the use of hydrogen fuels. Zircotec continue to innovate with the aim of reducing the automotive carbon footprint, in line with global targets.

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Engineering Services Include

  • Specialist Coatings Development
  • Thermal Management Strategy
  • CFD Modelling & Analysis
  • Component & Tooling
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Process Automation

We have also invested in a brand new in-house laboratory facility which will aim to support rapid materials testing and development.

R&D Materials Laboratory

In the new laboratory, our engineers work on various projects, including new product development, process improvement and regular QC checks. Zircotec engaged with Struers – a leader in metallography – to build up a high-precision sample preparation suite. To meet the demands of microstructural analysis, we are able to undergo rapid and effective coating analysis, handling multiple specimens simultaneously.


  • Bespoke Coating System Development
  • Detailed Coating Analysis including Microstructural Examination of Coating & Substrate Systems
  • Close Relationships with External Testing Providers for Advanced Testing
  • Coating System Expertise and Materials Test Library Spanning >15 years of Development
Microstructural examination

Sample 44 Section Hdr 5x Meaure

Analysis and Testing

We provide significant in-house testing expertise for different properties including:

  • Inspection and 3D Scanning
  • Microscopy
  • Mechanical Testing (Adhesion, Impact, Hardness, Surface Roughness)
  • Thermal Testing and Imaging (Flame Testing, Thermal Shock, Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Stability, etc.)
  • Dielectric performance

We also work with a range of test partners to provide other testing, including RF/EM shielding and Hydrogen Permeation testing

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