ZircoFlex® FORM

ZircoFlex® FORM

ZircoFlex® FORM Innovative Structural Ceramic Heat Shield, combining Zircotec’s proven ceramic coating protection together with the ability to form structural heat shields at minimal weight.

2000 X 600 Zircoflex Form

It is now possible to create structural heat shields thanks to ZircoFlex® FORM. This rigid, dimpled stainless steel sheet heat shield, combines Zircotec’s proven ceramic coating protection together with the strength and ability to form structures such as heat shields, boxes and bulkheads.

ZircoFlex® FORM delivers a compelling mix of strength, weight, structure and heat resistance. The yellow gold finish on one side increases heat reflectivity, whilst our proprietary metallic black ceramic coating acts as a thermal barrier on the other.

ZircoFlex® FORM heat shield


Effective protection

of engine bay components, bodywork and vulnerable electrics from engine and exhaust heat.

Reduced heat soak to the cabin

to reduce reliance on heavy heat insulation materials and improve passenger comfort.

Fuel tank protection

that is easily fitted to complex structures with sharp bend radius and where there is a minimal package space.

High performance with minimal weight and thickness

to help meet stringent weight and efficiency targets. ZircoFlex® FORM offers a high-performance structural heat shield at minimal weight & thickness.

Ease of fitment line-side

with a thin aluminium-backed and ceramic foil that is easily cut and folded to shape, by hand or machine. The metal construction allows the use of mechanical fasteners.

A guaranteed supply line

for high-volume orders, with a proven track record supplying the worldwide motorsport industry.

Thermal insulation of silencer and catalyst units

to protect bodywork, hydraulics and other vulnerable components.

Ready to use

avoids lengthy design processes, which is particularly beneficial for testing and prototyping purposes.

Structural rigidity

ZircoFlex® FORM can be an advantage in a wide range of OEM applications. It offers a unique combination of high strength, low weight and high heat resistance.


  • Core of embossed (type 304) stainless steel sandwich between two layers of Zircotec’s proprietary ThermoHold® based ceramic thermal barrier material.
  • Material thickness: 0.8mm thick.
  • Product thickness: 1.6mm thick.
  • Weight: 2.9Kg/m2
  • Thermal conductivity: ~0.3 W/mº K at 200ºC 1
  • Temperature ceiling: Tested to 900ºC (hot side temperature).

1 Tests based on guarded hot plate method in accordance with BS874 Pt 2 (1986)