Robot arm with plasma-sprayed ceramic coating technology

Advancing Industries with Plasma-Spray Coating Technology

In the realm of advanced coatings and surface engineering, Zircotec’s plasma-spray technology stands out as a powerful tool that has revolutionized ceramic coatings across various industries.


Although plasma-spray is a well-developed technology, with our ability to apply high-thermal performance coatings, Zircotec has become a leading provider of thermal barrier solutions, enhancing performance, protection, and longevity of critical components in demanding environments.

Our proprietary plasma-spray technology is a thermal spray process that utilizes a plasma torch to apply ceramic coatings onto a substrate. The process begins by generating a plasma arc within the torch, producing the atmosphere required for spraying. Temperatures within this plasma arc can reach as high as 10,000°C, this is where the gases are ionised; melting the ceramic powder. The molten ceramic particles are then propelled towards at the substrate at more than twice the speed of sound, deposited as molten, flattened droplets, which adhere to the substrate, forming a durable layer of ceramic coating.

Diagram of plasma-spray technology thermal spray process


Robot Arm B

Zircotec’s plasma-sprayed ceramic coating technology is originally used within the nuclear industry, which was then derived and developed into its core function as a thermal barrier ceramic coating for the Automotive & Motorsports sectors. However, our capabilities, competencies and use cases have expanded dramatically, as our work now spans across several other industries including aerospace, marine, oil & gas, railway, and more. A few key features of our proprietary plasma-applied thermal barrier ceramic coatings include but are not limited to:


  • Thermal Insulation
  • Surface Temperature Reduction
  • Resistant to Corrosive Environment
  • Improved Vehicle Performance & Efficiency
  • Improved Machinery Reliability
  • Increase Component Durability & Overall Lifespan

Furthermore, with our ever-growing team of engineers and engineering facilities, we are now able to collaborate on coating analysis and development in-house. We are now able to develop bespoke or modified coatings for a wide range of applications, meeting the specific needs of each customer and their respective application. By changing the parameters of the ceramic coating and plasma-spray technology, coatings of different microstructures, mechanical and thermal properties can be produced.

As part of our continued development, Zircotec engage with consortiums and on individual development projects, both commercially and through government funded initiatives. Our engineering department tackles industry’s pressing challenges, in the development of new technologies such as Hydrogen ICE, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Electric Vehicles and Alternative Fuel Developments.

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