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Ceramic Coatings for Aerospace Applications

Although Zircotec is renowned as a supplier of heat management solutions within the automotive & motorsport sector, our technologies are also utilised across the aerospace industry.

Aerospace Applications


One notable application is the use of Zircotec’s proprietary plasma-applied ceramic coating, ThermoHold®, which has also been specifically refined for CFRPs (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers) – ThermoHold® for COMPOSITES. CFRPs are widely utilised in aerospace applications due to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, however challenges arise when it comes to high temperature exposure. Our aerospace thermal barrier coating, ThermoHold®/ThermoHold® for Composites, can effectively address heat issues by reducing heat transfer, it is suitable for metallic alloys, including superalloys (and of course CFRPs).

Our aerospace thermal barrier coatings can be used in gas turbine combustors, various engine components, and to protect heat sensitive areas such as sensors and critical electromechanical components. Apart from improving safety and reliability, by applying a thermal barrier coating can help reduce surface temperatures, enhance durability, improve efficiency and more.

In addition to ThermoHold®, we have also developed ElectroHold® FLAMEPROOF which is designed to mitigate fire risks in aerospace applications. It is suitable for use in temperatures up to 1,400°C, and can be applied to metallic alloys, including superalloys and CFRPs. By utilizing ElectroHold® FLAMEPROOF, we effectively prevent components from becoming ignition points, ensuring safety and reliability. It is commonly used to protect accessories surrounding the engine, such as fuel control units or high-pressure gas piping in the secondary air system actuators, both hydraulic and electromechanical.

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Electric Planes Applications


Furthermore, our expertise extends to the realm of electric planes, where we provide ceramic coating solutions tailored to their specific needs. CFRP, chosen for its lightweight properties, lacks EMI/RFI shielding capabilities, which poses safety concerns in aerospace applications. To address this issue, Zircotec has developed ElectroHold® EMI SHIELD, designed to provide electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference shielding on aircraft and rockets. This coating significantly enhances safety, performance, and efficiency.

Moreover, our ElectroHold® FLAMEPROOF ceramic coating offers critical fire protection for CFRP enclosures in electric planes. By applying this coating to CFRP or metallic enclosures, we effectively delay the propagation of thermal runaway events, reducing the risk of failure. Tested to withstand 7 minutes of exposure to 1,200°C, ElectroHold® FLAMEPROOF aids in containing thermal runaway incidents, ensuring safety.

To further enhance safety and performance, we have developed our ElectroHold® DIELECTRIC range of coatings. These dielectric ceramic coating solutions provide electrical insulation between battery cells, preventing electric conduction between neighbouring cells, mitigating the risk of short circuit. They are suitable for both CFRP and metallic alloy surfaces, including superalloys.

Zircotec offer a comprehensive range of ceramic coatings for aerospace applications, including thermal barrier, flameproof and dielectric coatings. Whether you require protection against heat transfer, fire risks, or EMI/RFI disturbances, our specialised coatings provide the necessary solutions. Contact us to learn more about the potential benefits of our ceramic coatings in aerospace applications, and how they can enhance safety and performance.