Diamond Black™ coating

Diamond Black™ – The Ultra Hard-Wearing Ceramic Coating

With our long history and extensive experience in ceramic coatings across various industries, Zircotec are able to design and develop specialist coatings for different applciations. Diamond Black™ is one of our specialist coating developed using our proprietary plasma application technology, ThermoHold®.


Diamond Black™ is derived with Zircotec’s proprietary plasma-sprayed ThermoHold® technology that is designed to provide an exceptionally hard-wearing coating, which is also suitable for use at very high temperatures at 450°C. Diamond Black™ is resistant to abrasion including stone chipping (ASTM D3179) and pebble blasting. Alongside with its hard-wearing property, it can also withstand extremely high temperatures, making it suitable for applications within the automotive industry.


Example applications of Diamond Black™

Case Study #1

A chemical engineering company required a coating that would protect mild steel components from a harsh corrosive environment whilst being exposed to contact and repetitive abrasive stresses. As our Diamond Black™ coating has excellent abrasion resistant properties, our coating has the ability to protect the component surfaces from multiple forms of mechanical damage. The coating is inherently deep blue/black without any aesthetic top-coat require and provides a protective barrier for the mild steel substrate from exposure to corrosive environments.

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Case Study #2

Lamborghini came to us looking for a durable finish on their exhaust tailpipes for the Lamborghini Reventón. They decided to go for our Diamond Black™ to match their styling. In order to meet their stringent OEM standards, they required the durability that Diamond Black™ offered, making it resistant to abrasive stresses such as chipping from road debris, especially at high speeds. They were very pleased with the surface finish and how lightweight it was, making it the ideal solution for aesthetics, function and performance.

Depending on the application, Diamond Black™ could be utilised across various industries, including the automotive industry. Please visit our Diamond Black™ page for more information or you can also access its technical data here.