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Employee Spotlight: Dominic Graham – Engineering Manager


At the start of the year, Zircotec was pleased to hire Dominic Graham as our new Engineering Manager. Dominic brings with him a wealth of technical expertise from multiple industries, including medical, optics, and industrial engineering. With extensive experience in rapid product development and project management, he is focussed on driving new innovations in Zircotec, whilst supporting and refining existing applications of Zircotec’s technology.

Dominic is a chartered engineer through the IMechE, having obtained his MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London. His passion for motorsport and Formula 1 has been evident from a young age, regularly attending motorsport events including the British Grand Prix for over 10 consecutive years. During his studies, Dominic secured a competitive work experience opportunity at Red Bull F1, where he gained invaluable insights into the engineering intricacies of the team, further fuelling his passion for the industry. His interest in the automotive sector ultimately led him to choose Zircotec as his next career move.

Dominic appreciates the unique combination of hands-on engineering work, as well as business management that Zircotec offers. When asked why he joined Zircotec, Dominic said:
“The enviable automotive client base and rapidly growing business environment makes Zircotec an exciting company to be part of. The technology and product range is really unique, with a range cutting-edge solutions with a vast number of novel applications across many different industrial sectors”

Recognizing Dominic’s potential and our commitment to his career development, Zircotec is proud to sponsor Dominic to study an MBA at Imperial College Business School. Dominic sees the MBA as an opportunity to enhance his management expertise, particularly when it comes to strategic thinking and leadership skills. Studying this alongside his job at Zircotec allows him to directly apply his newly acquired knowledge into his daily work. The program also allows him to network across different sectors and gain knowledge from a diverse cohort.

When asked how his time at Zircotec has been so far, Dominic explained:
“My experience so far has proved to be highly rewarding – in engineering we get to work across all aspects of the business, seeing first-hand the dedication that everyone puts into the end product. The collaborative environment at Zircotec makes it the perfect place to develop your own career as well as thrive in a team. We also have a really exciting product pipeline, focussing on critical modern challenges in the automotive sector. I can’t wait to see further growth and development of my team as well as the business in general. ”

Over the past six months, Dominic’s has made a significant difference to Zircotec by focussing R&D to meet new challenges on EVs and the Hydrogen economy, whilst further developing Zircotec’s technical and research services. We’re convinced that Dominic’s knowledge, passion, and dedication will contribute significantly towards Zircotec’s ongoing growth and development.