Engineering magazines look at Zircotec and powertrain innovation


Zircotec and our products have been featured in two respected industry magazines this month, Engineering Materials and Automotive Megatrends.

The first article is a piece on the aesthetically pleasing appearance of the Performance Colours™ range, discusses its heat resistant properties and how it is gradually becoming a de rigueur OEM requirement for manufacturers of high end performance cars. It also explains quite succinctly the bonding process between the coating and the surface. The article is on page 14 of this month’s edition of Engineering Materials and the online version can be found here.

The story in Automotive Megatrends discusses how likely it is for the latest technologies employed in the upper tiers of motorsport to find their way onto road vehicles. Specifically it looks at Powertrain Innovation and how our coatings are currently deployed to help maximise performance within tight packages. The article can be found by downloading the latest edition of the magazine which is available free here. There are also other very interesting articles regarding networked or ‘connected’ vehicles and the implications for the auto industry and end users.