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Thermal Management – Engineering Capabilities

As a leader in thermal management solutions, Zircotec offers a range of bespoke engineering services to support clients across various industries as they transition to new technologies and methodologies.


Our proprietary plasma-applied thermal barrier ceramic coating has been a mainstay for several decades, and we continue to facilitate new and novel applications to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients.

Specialist Coating Development

Zircotec has a strong expertise in selecting and developing coatings, with a long history of creating bespoke or modified coatings for a wide range of applications. This experience and knowledge allows us to tailor our coatings to meet the specific needs of each customer and application. Our research and development team works closely with customers to understand their requirements and to develop coatings that will meet their needs, whether it be for improved performance, durability, or other specific criteria.

Zircotec’s in-house laboratory facility enables the rapid development of bespoke coating systems with detailed analysis of microstructures, mechanical properties, and thermal properties. This includes testing for thermal conductivity, thermal stability, thermal shock, and more. Zircotec also offers a range of tests in-house, such as dielectric strength (ASTM D149, D3755), adhesion (ASTM D4541), chemical resistance, corrosion resistance (ASTM B177) and flameproof (UL94), which can be performed according to various ASTM, BS ISO, and manufacturer standards.

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Thermal Management Strategy

At Zircotec, we believe that thermal management should be at the forefront of the design process rather than an afterthought. Our thermal management engineers provide consultation services to ensure that each application is safeguarded from the outset. We develop solutions through thermal modelling and CFD analysis, in conjunction with our in-house state-of-the-art materials R&D laboratory. Addressing heat management early on in projects empowers OEMs to design more efficient systems.

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Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

Zircotec’s team of experienced engineers work closely with clients to design components and tooling with optimal thermal management solutions in mind. We use advanced 3D modelling and simulation software to predict the thermal performance of a component or tooling in various operating conditions. Our engineering team is experienced in delivering DFMEA/PFMEA and customized work instructions for specific components, all the way through to comprehensive PPAPs.

From one-off to production runs, Zircotec has the capability to manufacture a range of thermal management components and tooling in-house. Our manufacturing processes include rapid prototyping and process automation. We have a range of industrial print capabilities for in-house production of parts and tooling.

Partnering with Zircotec

Zircotec is an ISO9001 compliant organization, and we place a strong emphasis on quality control in all aspects of our business. Zircotec values building partnerships with our clients to develop and deliver thermal management solutions that meet their specific needs. Our technical support and advice for thermal solution packages are always available to clients. With our comprehensive range of engineering services, Zircotec has the expertise to support clients across various industries as they transition to new technologies and methodologies.

Please visit our engineering services page to find out more information on our development, testing and analysis capabilities of novel ceramic coatings or contact us here.