Tolman Edition 205gti

Tolman 205 GTi featuring on BBC Top Gear


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Any petrol head from the 80s will vividly remember the release of the Peugeot 205 GTi, for many it would’ve been their first experience of a true hot-hatch. Our friends over at Tolman Engineering have been busy at their base in Warwickshire reconditioning the 205 GTi.

This automotive love-letter to the 205 GTi has resulted in a rewarding, responsive and engaging experience that’ll take you back to the very first time you drove the original, with the added bonus of having modern componentry & performance standards. We’re delighted to have been featured within the 001 Tolman Edition 205 GTi, having our Performance White Ceramic Coating applied onto the exhaust manifold to ensure those engine bay temperatures are kept down to a minimum.

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Over 700 hours go into each Tolman Edition, making sure the bits you can’t see match the quality of what you can see, with no exceptions. Before adding new headline features, Tolman restore every car to better than new condition. Tolman has improved this 1980’s icon by applying all their knowledge of performance, reliability, and functionality of the 21st century, whilst still maintaining the Peugeot 205’s original essence and drivability. Our ultra-high performing coating provides up to 33% surface temperature reductions, and can function up to 1,400°C, contributing to the modern reliability of this 80’s hot hatch.

The Stats

The stats really do speak for themselves, the Tolman Edition 205GTi offers 200bhp at your disposal, in a chassis of under 900kg, coupled with the fabled Qualified Automatic Torque Biasing differential. This makes the Tolman Edition a real-world driver’s hot-hatch. They also recreated a modern engine management system that displays more data, custom pages and designs on the LCD dashboard.

We always love to be a part of such a special build and project. Feel free to contact us to discuss any upcoming projects you might have that we could help with managing heat.