Use of Zircotec coating on Koenigsegg’s CCX supercar


The Competition Coupe X offers incredible performance, dispatching 0-100km/h (62mph) in just 3.2 secs with an 806 bhp engine helping the car achieve over 295 km/h (183mph). Installing the bespoke 4,700cc engine in a sleek aerodynamic carbon fibre body means packaging space is at a premium. The result is a very restricted engine bay with sensitive components and painted composite parts close to the exhaust. The CCX also incorporates a new exhaust system with catalysts moving nearer to the engine (to improve light-off time) further increasing underbonnet temperatures.

Koenigsegg needed a solution that would dramatically reduce underbonnet temperatures, in order to safeguard sensitive electrical components and the composite bodywork.

Jeff Stokes, Koenigsegg’s Chief Operations Officer says….

“The Zircotec coating offered us an immediate solution and substantial improvement over the coating we were already using.”

“There was no tooling investment for ordinary heat shields, it is low weight and it needs minimal packaging space.”