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ZircoFlex® SHIELD performance testing

ZircoFlex® SHIELD is developed from our many years of experience in F1 and motorsport, where we design and manufacture thermal management systems to extract the maximum performance from turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines. Apart from Turbo Housings, ZircoFlex® SHIELD can also be applied to several parts, such as manifolds, downpipes, catalysts EGRs & DPFs. ZircoFlex® SHIELD is handmade by our highly-skilled fabricators, here in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.


Our bespoke metallic encapsulated insulation Heat Shield system are commonly used within the top level of motorsport, providing increased performance levels to our winning clients. ZircoFlex® SHIELD will consistently reduce temperatures by up to 75% and can be used in direct contact to heat sources up to 1,000°C. As a result of temperature reduction and heat energy retention, our expertly manufactured turbo shield have been tested to bring numerous benefits.

We worked with a well-known tuning company and tested the effect of ZircoFlex® SHIELD installed onto turbo chargers using a dyno.

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Temperature Reduction

We compared the temperature difference of applying our ZircoFlex­® SHIELD under the bonnet, in this application our calculation showed a steady reduction of temperatures by up to 75%! After elongated running in testing, we were still able to comfortably touch our Zircotec Turbo SHIELD while the car was running! This drastic reduction of temperature will lead to inlet charge and fluid circuit temperatures to reduce which will improve engine performance.

Increased Power and Torque

We also tested the power and torque output between 1500-7000rpm, as shown by the graphs below:

Graph 1

Graph 1 shows the difference in torque before and after ZircoFlex® SHIELD is applied

Graph 2

Graph 2 shows the difference in torque before and after ZircoFlex® SHIELD is applied

The graphs shows consistent increase through the rev range, and resulted in an increase up to 9 HP at 7000rpm and 17lbft at 3000rpm. Increase of power and torque translates directly to a significant improvement in throttle response and acceleration.

Reduce Turbo Lag and Anti Lag

As part of the effect of temperature reduction, our ZircoFlex­® SHIELD can reduce turbo lag and anti lag as it helps retain heat in the turbine, leading to greater turbine efficiency and reduced turbo spool up time.

Highly Durable and Zero Fire Risk

Our ZircoFlex® SHIELD metallic composition is highly durable, engineered to avoid failure via degradation or fracture under extreme heat exposures. As opposed to a fibre system, our shielding also has an advantage for having zero fire risk, as our metallic encapsulated system will not absorb and wick flammable fluid spills from brakes, power steering and engine oil, which is in turn much safer to use.


Easily fitted and Minimal Thickness added

Apart from the thermal properties that helps improve engine and car performance significantly, we are chosen to work with top level F1 and motorsport clients because of how little volume and weight our ZircoFlex® SHIELD takes up under the bonnet, as our system is only 8-10mm in total thickness, which has minimal impact on the space envelope and weight gain around the turbo. Our turbo shields are also designed to be easily fitted and can be removed in minutes, with detachable and integral options on offer.

We have been working with partners to introduce a range of Zircotec Turbo Shields. These unparalleled, metallic encapsulated, turbo insulation systems will be introduced for popular models such as Honda Type R, Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi EVO, Nissan and more. Get in touch for further information on our bespoke turbo shields/ other heat shielding projects!