CarStore Power Maxed Racing British Touring Car Championship team

Zircotec enter into Technical Partnership with CarStore Power Maxed Racing (BTCC)

We’re thrilled to announce that Zircotec will once again be entering a technical partnership with the CarStore Power Maxed Racing (PMR) British Touring Car Championship team for the 2023 season.


With Zircotec’s long history of heat management expertise in the motorsport field, we’re very excited to be sharing our high-performing, light-weight thermal barrier technologies with the Warwickshire based team. Over the years, we have refined our thermal barrier technologies, offering a range of performance gaining, patented ceramic coatings and heat shielding solutions that meet the extreme thermal demands for motorsports.

Power Maxed Racing are renowned for their end-to-end engineering capabilities, building successful racing cars from initial design stages all the way to the finished product and launch.

CarStore Power Maxed Racing

The team compete in the BTCC using NGTC-spec Vauxhall Astras. The cars are powered by 2-litre, 4-cylinder turbocharged engines designed by M-Sport/TOCA, and are capable of delivering 380bhp at a maximum of 7,000 rpm.

The cars also feature an XTrac 6-speed sequential gearbox, electronics from Cosworth, suspension designed by RML and, among other things, a custom-built race exhaust system produced in conjunction with Zircotec.



“Everybody at CarStore Power Maxed Racing is very excited to work with Zircotec again across the 2023 British Touring Car Championship season,” says Team Manager, Martin Broadhurst.


“In a championship where a tenth of a second can be the difference between pole position and tenth, it’s so important to always have an innovative, forward-thinking approach, and look for areas in which we can make marginal performance gains on the competition.


“It’s a very symbiotic relationship, in many senses – our performance helps inform their solutions, and their solutions ultimately help raise our performance around engine cooling and thermal management, so it’s great to continue the association.”



We will be working very closely with PMR to increase car performance, by providing our bespoke thermal management solutions to give them a competitive edge on the track and in the pits.


Joe Harwood, our Motorsport Manager added, “‘I’m really pleased and excited to be working with PMR again this year, as a forward-thinking team who optimise all areas of the car, they do not overlook high temperature thermal management challenges seen on competition and modified cars. In previous years we have learnt a lot from PMR’s real world applications of our solutions, allowing us to better understand the performance enhancing results that we provide.”




Working with PMR allows Zircotec to continually analyse and develop bespoke solutions for their cars as the season goes on, much like the development of a Formula 1 car. Zircotec’s patented thermal barrier ceramic coatings and heat shields have been proven to improve car performance via several mechanisms, such as; retaining exhaust gas temperatures, reduced surface temperatures, reduced heat transfer, and more.

Throughout the 2023 season, PMR’s critical race data to will be used to aid the development and evolution of our technologies whilst providing informative real world performance results for application by our in-house R&D team and facility.

With the first BTCC race of the season just around the corner, we look forward to working closely with the Power Maxed Racing for the 2023 season!

Donington Park hosts the opening three races of the season on 22-23 April.