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We’re delighted to have seen New Holland‘s T6.180 Methane Powered Tractor featured on the BBC Countryfile 2022 Harvest Special episode, showcasing our engineering capabilities in supporting the WORLD’S FIRST methane powered tractor!

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Image above shows the stack pipe in use utilising the following Zircotec solutions:

As alternative fuels in the automotive industry continues to advance, research and development of low-carbon systems within the agricultural vehicle sector is also emerging, with the overall aim of developing a more sustainable future for the farming industry.

The Challenges and Solutions

As outlined within the Countryfile feature, a typical large tractor cultivating would use approximately £60 worth of diesel per hour, whereas the cost of using methane fuel would only be approx. £2.80 per hour which is a massive 95% decrease in cost! Apart from being more cost efficient, compared to diesel tractor, New Holland states that their methane powered tractor reduces emission by roughly 80%, a huge leap forward towards sustainable fuels!

With the change of fuel from diesel to bio-methane, the surface temperature of the exhaust increased by circa 70% which became a challenge, of which the Zircotec team was able to play a crucial part in providing effective thermal management solutions. Our solutions are capable of dramatically reducing the surface temperatures of the exhaust, thus significantly improving its energy efficiency and preventing other complications such as safety, cost, etc.

We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this exciting innovation, supporting a more sustainable future in farming. If you missed the Countryfile episode, be sure to catch up via the BBC iPlayer:  Harvest Special Episode.

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Our Future in Sustainable Projects

With the continuous increase in low-carbon projects, we are further developing our engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Having recently expanded into the neighbouring 10,000 square foot facility, this new site focuses on low-carbon and zero-carbon projects, including hydrogen fuels, EV, and alternative fuels across various industries. You can read more about our expansion here.

Contact us if there are any projects you have upcoming that might involve around sustainable fuels and thermal management strategies, our team are on hand to support with your challenges.