Racing car creating a cloud of dust at WRC Rally De Portugal

Zircotec quick fixes to avert the WRC ‘cockpit crisis’


Following last months’ WRC Rally De Portugal, many teams voiced their concerns over the unsafe in-cabin temperatures… Even a co-drivers boot started to melt!

Here’s a few of the solutions we provide to solve such issues…

Thermally insulated exhaust systems Zircotec Ceramic Coatings provide industry leading thermal barrier protection, capable of reducing surface temperatures by up to 33% on applications up to 1,400°C (2,550°F). Our Performance White coating is widely used across most elite motorsport teams. Click here to browse our full range of thermal barrier coatings. ZircoFlex® SHIELD – Our bespoke metallic heat shield capable of use in direct contact to heat sources up to 1000°C and are employed on applications such as exhausts, turbos and much more. Designed to improve exhaust emissions and engine performance along with reduced component cold face temperatures. Click here to read more about our lagging solutions.

Offset reflective ceramic heat shields ZircoFlex® FOIL, FORM & GOLD – The perfect solution for bulkheads, gearbox tunnels and engine bays, ZircoFlex Ceramic Heat Shields offer a high-performance, flexible, and lightweight solution to managing and reflecting heat from critical areas of your vehicle.

Offering up to 85% heat reduction with minimal thickness and weight, ZircoFlex is proven to reduce heat soak and improve in-cabin temperatures, making the experience much more comfortable for both driver and co-driver. Check out how Regal Autosport recently used ZircoFlex heat shields to make their BMW E30 project car comfortable in the cabin.