Zircotec R&D Materials Laboratory

We have significantly bolstered our materials development capabilities by introducing a brand new in-house R&D facility as part of our extensive business growth strategy.


The new Zircotec R&D Materials Lab will help us lead development of novel ceramic microstructures by combining high-tech research equipment with Zircotec’s extensive experience in coatings development. Key to this new facility is a dedicated high-quality sample preparation system which allows detailed microstructural analysis of coatings and their interaction with the substrate. This enables Zircotec to quickly and efficiently analyse new coating systems. When coupled with Zircotec’s robot-applied plasma coating, we are now able to tightly control porosity, investigate novel materials and develop complex coating systems for a wide array of new applications. All of this in the aim of addressing the latest challenges found in the drive for efficiency and reduction of emissions seen in transport, power generation and other industry sectors.

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Our engineering department continues to support innovative research-based projects with key industry partners, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve. To meet the demands of microstructure analysis, we are now able to undergo rapid in-house testing by simultaneously handling multiple specimens, therefore boosting productivity and cutting down the feedback-loop.

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