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Zircotec’s P.O.D. Development

As part of the APC CNHI Low Carbon Tractor (LoCT) project, Zircotec has developed a semi-mobile, modular automated surface preparation and plasma spray facility which can be tailored to suit specific applications/customer requirements.


Codenamed P.O.D – Production On Demand. The one-of-a-kind, ceramic coating system was designed as a proof of concept to allow our proprietary technologies to be integrated directly into the client’s production line. Thus, reducing the associated risk & load on the supply chain, as well as significantly reducing component air-miles, adding to the sustainability of the final product.

Zircotec’s POD showcases the feasibility of integrating our proprietary technologies straight into our customers’ production line, on-site.

Pod Graphic

POD is a fully automated plasma-spray system, housed within a 20ft shipping container. Capable of eliminating the delay and risks associated with shipping high-volume parts from one facility to the next. POD can be set up at short notice on OEM sites, or other client sites at any point within the overall supply chain, with minimal set-up. JIT (Just In Time) or single part flow production then becomes possible, reducing batch inefficiencies and running costs. POD will enable easy access to the use of Zircotec thermal coatings, as well as reducing client’s costs. Apart from the physical costs, POD also reduces the environmental footprint by reducing transport, packing, additional materials and assembly costs.

As part of the innovative steps taken to realise POD, we developed our laser surface preparation process for high volume applications. Laser surface preparation allows for a repeatable and fully automated process that’s considerably cleaner than traditional methods. POD has allowed Zircotec to offer our best-in-market ceramic coatings worldwide, entering significant overseas markets.

In summary, POD offers a fully automated ceramic coating facility that allows for quicker production, with reduced process steps (logistics), as well as a significantly smaller carbon footprint. By increasing the automated processes in the line, this also improves safety of the processes. POD continues to undergo thorough/robust testing and we expect to be able to commercialise it by end of ’23.

If you’re interested in our on-site solutions for mass production, contact Zircotec today. Our consultants are on-hand to support your high-volume ceramic coating requirements.