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Although Zircotec’s technology is initially designed and developed for automotive applications, it has been proven and utilised for aerospace applications.

2000 X 600 Thermohold For Composites V2

Zircotec’s proprietary plasma-applied ceramic coating, ThermoHold®, has been further refined for use on CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymers) – ThermoHold® for COMPOSITES. CFRP is extensively utilized in various aerospace components due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, but it also presents challenges, particularly regarding thermal issues. One common application of our aerospace thermal barrier coating is for surfaces exposed to very high temperatures. By applying our ThermoHold®/ThermoHold® for Composites thermal barrier ceramic coating to surfaces (suitable for metallic alloys including superalloys and CFRPs), it acts as a thermal barrier, reducing heat transfer to undesired areas (e.g into sensors and critical electromechanical components), thereby enhancing safety in transportation. Our aerospace thermal barrier coatings can be used on gas turbine combustors, various engine components, and more.

Providing Benefits including:

  • Reduce surface temperature by up to 33%
  • Enhanced durability + lifespan
  • Improve efficiency
  • Accessory protection
  • Prevent overheating of components



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Electrohold Flameproof

We have developed another range of ceramic coatings designed to prevent fire risks in aerospace applications: ElectroHold® FLAMEPROOF. Our ElectroHold® FLAMEPROOF coating is suitable for applications up to 1400°C and can be applied to metallic alloys (including superalloys) as well as CFRPs. By applying ceramic coating in aerospace applications, it prevents components from becoming ignition points. This aerospace flameproof coating is commonly used to protect accessories around the engine, such as fuel control units or gas piping with high pressure and hot gas (secondary air system actuators, both hydraulic or electromechanical).

Providing Benefits including:

  • Withstand temperatures up to 1400°C
  • Protect CFRP components from structural damage and delamination
  • Improve safety + reliability
  • Prevent overheating of components

Apart from combustion-fuelled aircrafts, we also offer several ceramic coating solutions for Electric Planes.

Electrohold Emi Shield

Whilst CFRP is an obvious choice for lightweighting, it does not offer any EMI/RFI shielding, which becomes a safety issue for aerospace applications. Zircotec has developed a range of specialist coatings designed to provide RFI/EMI shielding – ElectroHold® EMI SHIELD. Our ElectroHold® EMI SHIELD ceramic coating acts as an electromagnetic barrier, eliminating disturbances caused by EMI/RFI on aircraft and rockets. This coating helps improve safety, performance, and efficiency.

Similar to electric vehicles, CFRP enclosures provide no fire protection which compromises safety. By utilizing our ElectroHold® FLAMEPROOF ceramic coating on CFRP (or metallic) enclosures, it helps prolong the thermal runaway propagation event, slowing down the reaction and extending the time to reach the battery casing, thus reducing failure. Our ElectroHold® FLAMEPROOF has been tested to withstand 7 minutes of exposure to 1,200°C, aiding in the containment of thermal runaway.

Electrohold Dielectric

Furthermore, to insulate battery cells and improve overall performance while enhancing safety by preventing electric conduction, we have developed another range of coatings – ElectroHold® DIELECTRIC. This range of dielectric ceramic coatings prevent electric conduction between neighbouring cells which minimises the risk of short circuit, providing electrical insulation. They are typically applied to cells and are suitable for CFRP and metallic alloy surfaces, including superalloys.

Summary for Electric Planes:

  • EMI/RFI shielding properties
  • Delay thermal runaway propagation activities
  • Dielectric properties for battery electrical insulation
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In addition to their aerospace thermal barrier, dielectric, and flameproof properties, our ceramic coatings can also serve as effective barriers against rust and corrosion.

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