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Automotive OEMs

Zircotec has a rich heritage in supporting Automotive OEMs with thermal management and specialist coating solutions. Our portfolio of products have expanded over the years to include metallic heat shielding for exhaust systems, as well as for other componentry within vehicles.

We have since diversified to include a range of solutions for electric vehicles and alternative fuels such as hydrogen ICE and fuel cells. underpinning our relationships with OEMs and tiered supply base, we continually develop product streams and solutions to meet the ever-changing challenges facing the automotive industry.

Our technologies are supplied into volume production for mass produced vehicles, as well as batch production for the highly specialised world of high-performance vehicles. Typical automotive solutions comprise of:

  • Thermal Barrier Coatings & Heat Shields
  • Wear Resistance Coatings
  • Corrosion Resistance Coatings
  • Body-in-white Coatings for Aesthetic Upgrades
  • EV Coatings (Dielectric, RFI/EMC Shielding, Flameproofing)
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