Zircotec Elite Motorsport

Beating the heat in competition since 1994

We design, manufacture and supply heat management solutions for use in professional motorsport. Our products unlock performance and enable innovation.

Motorsport teams across the world rely on Zircotec to solve the thermal management challenges that can often mean the difference between winning and losing.

By applying our understanding of thermal and material science, we develop technical solutions that can be used across metallic and carbon composite substrates to secure the best performance and efficiency gains in the toughest environments.

That’s why our products are specified for use in premium motorsport categories including Formula 1, the World Rally Championship, Formula E, the World Endurance Championship and INDYCAR.

Composite Coatings

Our ongoing R&D programme has enabled us to develop the ground-breaking technology that’s needed to apply our ceramic coating technology to lightweight materials such as carbon fibre.

In a motorsport environment where lightweighting is hugely important, our ThermoHold® for Composites is an enabling technology that gives teams licence to use even more lightweight composite materials in high-temperature environments where they might otherwise be damaged by heat.

Thermal Barrier Coatings

Our thermal barrier coatings have been designed to reduce heat loss from exhaust systems, and to protect other components that are critical to optimum performance delivery in motorsport.

Zircotec’s plasma-applied ThermoHold® coatings are in a league of their own for efficiency, offering surface temperature reductions uf up to 33% and being able to withstand operating temperatures of up to 1,400℃.

Our proprietary ceramic based coating technology can be applied to a wide variety of new and used parts encompassing:

  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Exhaust headers
  • Turbo housings
  • Downpipes
  • Hot engine components
  • Tailpipes
  • Finishers or tail-trims

Heat shielding

Our experience in defining the science of heat management has allowed us to combine our proven ceramic coating technology with our advanced fabricated metallic solutions to produce lighter, thinner and more effective heat shielding products for motorsport use.

Our ZircoFlex® range represents best-in-class, industry-leading solutions for use across a variety of sectors. They’re particularly beneficial to engineers searching for a lightweight and flexible heat management solution that can be easily retrofitted if necessary. Products include:

ZircoFlex FOIL

Our lightweight flexible ceramic insulation material is available in several formats and sizes, making ZircoFlex FOIL suitable for a range of heat management challenges

ZircoFlex FORM

Our structural ceramic heat shield, capable of being formed to produce specific shapes, or alternatively shaped by Zircotec to meet customers’ bespoke requirements

ZircoFlex SHIELD

Our metallic encapsulated ultra-high performance heat shield system that is thinner and lighter than other commercially-available solutions for any specific thermal insulation challenge


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